TOP 5 Amazing badminton players of all the time.

Badminton is best known for its world’s fastest racquet sports in Olympic because it requires a quick and vigilant response of players. As a shuttle smashes through racquet, it travels almost 300km/h. Badminton mostly plays in Asian countries. China and Indonesia produce the best badminton players every year and they compete at the national and international levels. After football, it is the second most played game in the world. This game demands physical and mental fitness of the players. It is interesting to know that their diets are different from ordinary people, and it is not wrong to say that a typical person cannot follow their nutrition advice sheet for more than a week because it is rich in protein and carbohydrates. A professional badminton player needs to works 20-40 hours per week, and they use 92% of their heartbeat during work with both aerobic and non-aerobic systems which is far more than a common man breathing system. These things make them phenomenon players of all time. I am mentioning the top 5 badminton players with their attributes and achievements.

Table of Contents 

  1. Lin Dan
  2. Taufik Hidayat
  3. Lee Chong Wei
  4. Gao Ling
  5. Tony Gunawan

1. Lin Dan:

Legendary badminton player of China, whose nickname was “Super Dan.” He has got the title of the single greatest badminton player of all time. He has the Lord gifted skill that he could handle all the pressure of his opponent very smoothly. He also has the capability of judging the next step of his opposite player and then deals with them accordingly. Therefore, he always gives a very tough task to his opponents. It does not mean that this skill is only the god gifted; instead, he also burns the midnight oil to polish his talent, and this thing shows respect to his talent. Therefore, he is the only player in the history of badminton games who won “ Super Grand Slum” at the age of 28 years old. Nine major titles are also included in his international Badminton career.

Moreover, he also got the reward of two times Olympic champions, five-time world champions, and got six times all England Championship. He secures the Olympic gold medal on the first men’s single player in 2008. He is the first badminton player who won two Olympic gold medals. One of another reason for his popularity is that he is a risk-taker player as he intentionally smashes the shuttle towards the sideline to confuse his opponent. His opponent leaves that shot as he thinks that this is foul; therefore, this decisive trick makes him an extraordinary player.

2. Taufik Hidayat:

He belongs to Indonesia. He has become retire now, but he got retirement on his peak. He had broken Indonesian records six-time. He was known for his vengeance against Li Dan. Therefore, he is still renowned as” arch rivals” in Media because he gave a tough time in every match. He proved himself very challenging for his opponent, mostly when he played a game with Li Dan, it was considered as the most watchable match, and the stadium became filled with spectators. He won 27 titles and 19 positioned runners up till his retirement. Hidayat’s remarkable skill is a backhand smash. These tactics require a sudden jerk with power. In addition to it, he is well trained in head smash. He earned the title of the fastest smash against Hong Kong players. He was the prominent player in the “100 Olympic Athletes to watch” list printed on the front page of Time Magazine. He is not only the best player; rather, he can train young players who want to become good players like him. Therefore, he augmented a badminton training center named Taufik Hidayat Arena (THA) in November 2012. He also used to train players through motivation and put a passion in them for getting the Olympic championship.

3. Lee Chong Wei:

Lee Chong Wei belongs to Malaysia, and he is the only Malaysian player who is still holding the name of the number one best badminton player in his country for more than one year. In the Asian Champion of 2006, he won the gold medal. Three silver medals in the Olympic championship and four medals in the commonwealth games are his achievements. The Malaysian Prime Minister gave him the title of “Dato,” which means a “ National Hero.” He was inquisitive to learn badminton; therefore, she started badminton at the age of eleven. Lee is a very patriotic kind of person, and he always tries to feel proud his country. His achievements tell that being a famous player of badminton is not easy. In the World Badminton Federation, he has been top-rated twice in his life. He has this honor to defeat his opponent Lin Dan first time in the home turf 2009. He won the Indonesian open three-time and became the first non-Indonesian player who won this match-three consecutive time. He won the “silver medal” first time in the Olympic game in 2012. Interestingly, he became the first worldwide badminton player within 349 weeks in his professional game. He always used to say that we should not close our eyes in a tough time; instead, we should have the courage to face any challenges with firm determination.

4. Gao Ling:

Gao Ling is a Chinese female badminton player. She is best known for her consistency, determination, and most famous for her pretty smile. She is a double badminton player as well as a marvelous single player. He has won two gold, one silver, and one bronze medal in Sydney. Indeed, she is considered one of the best women badminton players of all time. She has consistently achieved success in almost every tournament of the entire world. In BFW (Badminton World Federation) world championship, she won a gold medal. She has beautiful chemistry with her partner Zhang Jun in a double badminton game. They have been together in every tournament and have incredible coordination in-game. Therefore, she won two Olympic medals in mixed double badminton games in 2000 and 2004. She has been won 14 best world titles in her professional carriers. She was born in Wuhan; she started badminton at the age of eight. From that time, she is still working hard to make her name at the international level, and she did it. In 1992 she became the part of the provincial badminton team, and after five years, she entered the national badminton team. In Sydney Olympic 2000, she gave a surprise after winning the first gold medal in a doubles badminton game. In this game, she competed with her opponents, who were the top first ranked players, and proved that hardwork beats all talents. Her coach also praised her hard work. Half of her fans are impressed and mostly fall in love with her fascinating smile. Her exciting thing is that she has never fear of losing; rather, her main focus is on how to compete with her rivals; therefore, she watches the gestures of her opponents in games.

5. Tony Gunawan:

Tony Gunawan was the Indonesian doubles badminton player. He started his career very earlier. In the 2000 Olympic game in Sydney, Australia, he won the gold medal in a doubles badminton game with his partner Candra Wijaya. In 2001 he won the IBF world Badminton championship held in Seville, Spain. Again in 2005 IBF, he won three times with three different players; this showed that he could quickly develop coordination with a partner. Later, Tony left Indonesia and moved towards the USA; he got an opportunity to become a coach and continued his practice as a player. He prepared the best athletes under his supervision. This proved that he could deliver his experiences to others. And during that stay, he with his American’s partner Howard Bach participated in men’s double world Badminton federation 2005. He was not yet the citizen of the USA at that time, but according to the World Badminton federation rules, he could choose any country where he wanted to live because he had lost the citizenship of Indonesia; therefore, he declared the USA as his homeland and then he became eligible for participation. He won the first world championship Gold medal for the USA on 22 August 2005. It is said that he was the reason for becoming the USA the world badminton championship and the USA was recognized for badminton games on the map of the world. Gunawan and Bach also did their best in the 2012 “Olympic Games paid” in London, and they both won and made feel proud to America. His determination and hard work show that he has a craze to play badminton. And Gunawan does not have any concern for being famous; rather, Gunawan has proved that if you are committed to something and do work with passion and loyalty, no one can beat you as well as no one can put a hindrance in your success. He got retirement from his professional career and working as a coach at Global Badminton Academy in San Diego, California. Tony Gunawan got lots of respect from the USA government and gave him citizenship.Now Tony Gunawan is spending his remaining life in the USA. He is also running Badminton Academy and trying his best to prepare players for the international level.




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